About Us

I have been making things for the past forty three years.
The tradition of the trade that I chose as a young man was an oral one.
I am self taught, having learned a basis for my work from a series of grumpy, older men. 

The early rules were to observe their skills, retain the process, and apply that knowledge and skill to the next task at hand.
The creative process at the shop is horizontal. The ideas brought to hand by the designer or architect are critically reviewed.
Details and function are developed by all involved, from the first drawing, through the fabrication and the finishing. 

I am fortunate to have a group of talented people with which to work. Each person had depth in their skill,
and brings a lot knowledge to the creative process.  As for where the idea comes from, we don't care if it's mine,
or Jeffrey's, Linda's or an intern who has been in the shop for the last thirty minutes. 

When the detail is correct, the discussion moves on to the next step. The object is to deliver what we promise:
well-designed furnishings made and sold with a commitment to lasting value. 

There is struggle involved in mastering any trade. The manual skills are first, then one can study
and develop a sense of design elements. The organization of a shop and small business are essential to success,
and probably take the longest to achieve. The daily struggles involve blending the degree of difficulty in any given piece,
toward it's final function and form. Along the way we add strong design elements, good craftsmanship
and hopefully some simple elegance to every effort undertaken. 

                                                                                                         --John Thayer.